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VisionaRy – A novel device for visual acuity assessment in preverbal children


VisionaRy is an innovative VR headset designed to measure visual acuity in pre-verbal children objectively, eliminating the need for their cooperation.

Our Solution

VisionaRy, is an automated VR headset designed for pediatric visual acuity measurement. By leveraging traditional methods such as the Optokinetic Drum and Teller Acuity Cards test, VisionaRy achieves accurate, distance-adjusted results within a brief 5-minute test duration, overcoming attention difficulties commonly encountered in young children. Incorporating infra-red eye tracking, 3D distance simulation, and corrective software for eye and head movement, VisionaRy tackles the challenges of traditional eye testing. The VR headset features adjustable specifications including interpupillary distance, eye relief distance, and headband size to accommodate the variability in pediatric head sizes and preferences. With a focus on both hardware and software components, VisionaRy provides a fully automated testing process and real-time results analysis, ensuring efficiency and accuracy while eliminating the need for general anesthesia, thereby promoting a safer and more comfortable testing environment for young patients.

Development Status

Pre-submission Development (Kamin)


Provisional patent application submitted

Market Potential

The market potential for our device is significant, with the combined annual revenue from routine Visual Acuity (VA) tests and Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) exams in the United States alone amounting to $445,900,000. This figure underscores the substantial opportunity within the healthcare sector, particularly targeting hospitals, clinics, and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) seeking to enhance diagnostic protocols for preverbal children.


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