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Improving Ischemic Mismatch and Preload Profile in Acute Myocardial infarction to prevent Heart Failure


Numerous previous studies demonstrated that reducing the load from the left ventricle during an acute myocardial infarction alleviates the cascade of ischemia, myocardial injury and long-lasting reduction in cardiac function.
As of today, there are no affordable means for the reduction of left ventricular load in the acute and subacute settings.

Our Solution

Our invention is using a novel trans catheter device that lowers LVEDP during the acute phase and the months following the infarct.

The device:
• completed positive PoC trial in large animal model
• was tested on Computational Flow Dynamic (CFD) simulator
• was tested on computational cardiovascular simulator (Harvi)



Heart failure



Development status

Pre-clinical stage on Large animal model

Market potential

• In the U.S. alone, 800,000 new cases of myocardial infarction occur yearly.
• Despite rapid reperfusion, 75% of patients will develop HF within 5 years from 1st AMI.
• By the year 2030, 1:33 individuals in the US will have heart failure (HF) and total costs for HF will reach $70 Billion per year


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