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Multimodal functional brain sensor


Multimodal Functional Brain Sensor is an innovative way to monitor the brain neuronal and hemodynamic activities during stereo-EEG recording.

Our Solution

We have developed a novel anchor bolt for stereo-EEG, which includes in its walls the optodes of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). This enables simultaneous recording of stereo-EEG (neuronal activity) and fNIRS hemodynamic activity bypassing the extracranial hemodynamic signals.

Co-inventors outside of Hadassah

Michal Balberg, PhD, Holon Institute of Technology

Market Potential

The market: surgery for drug resistant epilepsy (DRE). The prevalence of DRE is about 1:1000 in the general population.


Priority application filed

Development Status

Preclinical stage


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