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A personalized 3D-printed shape-memory device for heart failure


Heart failure (HF), which holds a high mortality rate, remains one of the major public health problems in developed countries.

The system that is able to interact, both anatomically and physiologically, with the heart muscle, is of utmost clinical importance. The enhanced performance of the new device will provide for the followint features:

  • Display shape memory capabilities to allow its facile and non-injurious deployment around the heart;
  • Minimize the formation of post-implantation adhesions, which often impair cardiac function, and severely complicate future procedures;
  • Exhibit custom-made biodegradability, when the patient’s pathology so mandates;
  • Offer a solution for specific subtypes of HF, lacking additional treatments options.


Prof. Daniel Cohn, Institute of Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem is the co-inventor of the technology. 

Our Solution

  • A personalized, 3D-printed, shape memory-displaying device for the prevention and treatment of cardiac remodeling in heart failure.
  • After receiving the individual patient’s medical imaging digital data, a 3D-printed personalized-device is created, using our unique shape memory-displaying “inks”, which will render the device with the ability to minimize post-implantation pericardial adhesions.


Heart failure

Pelvic surgery



US provisional (2023)

Development Status

The device demonstrated its ability in the HF animal model 

Market Potential

In the U.S. alone, 6.5 million patients have HF symptoms, and 500,000 new patients are diagnosed each year. HF costs in the U.S. are estimated to be at least $33 billion.

Despite major improvements in HF care, 1/3 of the patients remain symptomatic, and 10% progress to advanced HF.


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