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A novel intradural spinal catheter to treat brain and spine pathologies

Our solution

An innovative way to approaching brain and spine (i.e. central nervous system – CNS) pathologies. Medical device that has been developed in an intradural spinal catheter, which will enable the visualization and treatment of CNS pathologies in a highly minimally invasive way, sparing surgery, general anesthesia and rendering many procedures which require hospital and ICU admission to a single doctor’s visit.

The system is introduced to the spinal canal via a lumbar puncture approach while the patient is fully awake. The catheter is then navigated upwards towards the cervical spine region and into the cranial vault. The ability to perform a spinal cord or brain biopsy is easily achieved through this approach.


Spine surgery

Brain surgery

Treatment of back pain

Pain procedures


Development status

Successful POC in swine model, KAMIN grant awarded (2023-2025).


Priority application filed

Market potential

Chronic low back pain (LBP) costs are rising as one of the most expensive conditions with approximately 37% of adults affected and annual costs being 90.6$ billion USDs. Indeed, Dielman et al., has shown that low back and neck pain accounted for the third highest amount of healthcare costs in the US, with an estimated spending of $87.6 billion in 2013. In addition, spinal cord stimulation has emerged as a therapeutic device with total costs being in the thousands of dollars.


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