Researcher Profile

Prof. Yoav Mintz



Clinically  performs advanced minimally invasive surgery, Single port surgery, NOTES and Robotic assisted surgery. He devotes much of his time for the research and development of medical devices, specifically for MIS.  Hi serves as the Director of the Innovative Surgery Center at Hadassah MC which resembles a fully equipped MIS operating room and endoscopy suit. Together with  his team Prof. Mintz collaborates with start-up companies to design, test and perform preclinical studies on live animal models.
Following the necessary approvals they receive the hospital’s IRB (Helsinki) approval and perform the First In Man studies on the devices developed.

Prof. Yoav Mintz credentials:
• Minimally invasive surgery, single port, NOTES and robotic assisted surgery expert
• Director of the Innovative Surgery Center at Hadassah MC
• Director of Biodesign Medical Innovation program at HUJI
• Former Head of Surgery A Division at Hadassah MC
• Advisory board member of various medical device companies
• Inventor of numerous medical devices and author of scientific articles



Jerusalem BioPark, Hadassah Ein Kerem POB 12000, Jerusalem 91120, Israel
Tel. +972-2-6778757 Fax. +972-2-6437712 Email.