Researcher Profile

Prof. Rinat Abramovitch


Prof. Rinat Abramovitch, PhD; Director, The Wohl Institute for Translational Medicine & PI at the Goldyne Savad Institute for Gene Therapy, Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, 91120, Israel. Prof. Abramovitch received her B.Sc. in chemistry, from the Tel-Aviv University on 1992 and a direct PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science on 1993. Since 2000 she is an independent principal investigator at Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center. Previously she developed novel functional MRI methodologies to assess vascular responses to physiological stimuli- hypercapnia and hyperoxia. During the last twelve years, Prof. Abramovitch has chosen to focus her research on the liver, a multi-functional organ with its unique role and blood supply system. Currently she is an Associate Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and recently selected to be the director and to establish the Wohl National Center for Translational Medicine at Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center. Prof. Abramovitch runs a research lab that focuses on studying tissue interactions that modulate primary and metastatic liver cancer progression, combing various methodologies including mouse models, imaging and molecular biology. Additional project in the lab focuses on understanding the process of liver regeneration following partial hepatectomy. 



Jerusalem BioPark, Hadassah Ein Kerem POB 12000, Jerusalem 91120, Israel
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