Researcher Profile

Prof. Eithan Galun

Gene & Cell Therapy


Prof. Eithan Galun is a full professor of Gene & Cell Therapy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Over the last 20 years untill 2022, he has directed the Gene and Cell Therapy Institute at the Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital that he has established.  Today, the unit includes 10 research groups, with 70 investigators. In addition to the research groups, he has established a GMP level production facility with four clear rooms engaged in the production of biological materials (including viral vectors, devices, therapeutic cells, e.g., mesenchymal stem cells and human
embryonic stem cells) administered to humans in phase I/II studies.


Jerusalem BioPark, Hadassah Ein Kerem POB 12000, Jerusalem 91120, Israel
Tel. +972-2-6778757 Fax. +972-2-6437712 Email.