Researcher Profile

Prof. Dana Wolf

Clinical Virology


Dana Wolf is a physician-scientist in Infectious Diseases and the Director of Clinical Virology at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel. She is a Professor at the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine. She received her M.D. degree from the Hebrew University, and completed Virology Fellowship and Sabbatical at the University of California San Diego and Stanford University. Her research addresses new diagnostic and antiviral strategies, focusing on cytomegalovirus – the most common cause of congenital infection, and on major respiratory viruses.

She developed a unique system of ex vivo viral infection in native human target tissues – revealing modes of viral transmission and immune defense in the human respiratory tract and in the maternal-fetal interface. The findings have led to the discovery of novel prenatal biomarkers which predict the severity of congenital cytomegalovirus disease, and to the development of a new anti-CMV drug. Under her leadership, the Hadassah Virology Laboratory has been recognized as a major reference, ISO 15189-accredited, and a WHO collaborating lab.

She is a member of several national and international advisory committees, including the Israeli Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and Epidemic Preparedness Team, and the European Society for Virology Executive Board.



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