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Hadasit participates and promotes variety of collaboration models with external companies, by providing access to clinical expertise, R&D facilities and Data. We support development of innovative solutions via flexible business models, such as co-development, data license, design partnership, etc.

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Partnering companies


The PathKeeper system's disruptive, proprietary technology provides dynamic, real-time, high accuracy in preoperative surgical planning and navigation during the procedure. The PathKeeper system tracks the surgical tools and patient's anatomy independently in 3D imaging to guide accurate device positioning and implantation delivering successful clinical outcomes. The system was developed with close collaboration with Dr. Josh Schroeder, MD, Head of the Spinal Deformities Surgery Department and leading spine surgery. Dr. Schroeder acts as Clinical Advisor of the company.


Fairtility™ is on a mission to transform IVF into a transparent process, delivering unparalleled visibility to both IVF professionals and patients with CHLOE™ (Cultivating Human Life through Optimal Embryos). CHLOE™ is the first and only transparent AI-based decision support tool. CHLOE™ provides clinicians and prospective parents with visibility into the clinical and laboratory data to help improve IVF outcomes. The product was developed in close collaboration with Hadassah Medical Center and Dr. Asaf Ben- Meir, Head of Hadassah IVF clinics, serves as CMO and co-founder of the company. 

Megentiq AI

Founded in 2014, MAGENTIQ EYE offers a groundbreaking AI aided colonoscopy solution that offers the best performance known today. The company has developed and validated its flagship product MAGENTIQ-COLO™  in close collaboration with Dr. Harold Jacob, Director of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy department of Hadassah Medical Center. The solution boasts 3 granted patents, is CE approved and FDA cleared.

Nanose Medical

NaNose Medical was founded by private investors together with the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and Hadasah Medical Center. Nanose have developed "Dianose" - a breath test device based on cutting-edge technology using nano technology and machine learning to deteck and monitor various conditions. Currently the device is being validated in  clinical trials in Israel and Europe  for lung cancer and liver diseases. 

ATLAsense Biomed

ATLASense Biomed develops REPHAEL platform™ - The next-generation solution for Remote Health Surveillance. RAPHAEL is a wearable health supervision advanced platform (US Patent) that covers all the remote triage, intensive care, and home hospitalization monitoring needs. Hadassah Medical Center has deployed collaboration program supporting manufacturing of 50 devices for patients participating in a clinical trial. 


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