The Gutterman Center for Pulmonary Research

Lab description

The Gutterman Center is a scientific leader of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and in transnational projects implementing advanced technics for pre-clinical studies in lung research with specific specialties in compounds administration of compounds into the lungs. The Center is directed by world leading expert – Dr. Shulamit Wallach-Dayan (Richter), Head of The Lung Cellular Biology and Immunology Laboratory, affiliated to the Institute of Pulmonary Medicine, Hadassah Medical Organization.

Research Excellence

  • Idiopathic fibrosis (IPF) research and pre-clinical services in the field of lung immunology and fibrosis
  • Transnational projects implementing advanced techniques for pre-clinical studies
  • Expertise in administration of compounds into the lungs
  • Post Covid-19 expertise

Current projects

Mechanisms controlling apoptosis/proliferation in lung cells;
Mechanisms governing lung immune-surveillance and their impact on fibrosis;
The effect of aging on mechanisms and resolution of lung fibrosis in a murine model and in humans;
Development of a humanized mouse model to assess physiological- vs. pathophysiological-lung fibrosis