Surgical Innovation and Technology Lab

Head of the lab

Lab description

The Surgical Innovation and Technology Lab is a basic and applied research facility that provides an environment for integrating diverse preclinical R&D efforts related to the science of surgery. This state of the art unit operates with emphasis on areas related to minimally invasive surgery (MIS), trauma, critical care and imaging.

Facilities and equipment 

• Fully equipped minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and endoscopy suites
• Three operating tables for simultaneous surgery
• Rapid access to any specialised surgical equipment supply if required
• Laser procedures compliance
• Ablation procedures
• Microsurgical equipment
• C-arm and US surgical visualisation

Scope of services

• Design, testing and performing pre-clinical studies on live animal models
• Consulting throughout the entire biodesign process
• Creating unique animal models applicable for device/pharmaceuticals research
• Access to a variety of surgical experts: interventional radiologists, orthopedists, neurosurgeons and more
• Workshops, seminars and training courses for surgeons and industry experts

Large and small animal studies

Explore the diverse expertise of the Surgical Innovation and Technology Lab
  • Pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits
  • Rodents: nude, knockout, specific pathogen free (SPF), germ free, transgene, etc
  • Short and long large animal hospitalisation on Hadassah Ein Kerem campus
  • Full set of complementary tests for any animal in-house: CT/MRI/US imaging, blood and pathology tests