Hadassah “JumpStart” funding program is a pioneering initiative dedicated to propel early-stage applied research projects.  JumpStart is funded by Hadasit, Hadassah Research Fund, and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, as part of the ‘Science Accelerators’ program.


JumpStart allocates up to NIS 1.4 million annually to support innovative projects that aim to achieve Proof of Concept (POC), Minimum Viable Product (MVP), or similar milestones. The multi-stage funding model of the innovative applied research includes also business support for ventures, which are chosen by a competitive process.


Our goal is to bridge the gap between ground-breaking research and practical application, fostering advancements that can significantly improve patient care. By providing financial support, technical resources, and expert guidance, we empower researchers and clinicians to transform their visionary ideas into tangible solutions.


Explore how Jumpstart can help bring your project to life and make a lasting impact on healthcare!





Applicant Requirements:

  • Open for researchers and clinicians affiliated with Hadassah Medical Center.
  • Collaborative projects involving multiple departments are highly encouraged.

Project Requirements:

  • Must be in the early stages of development.
  • Should aim to achieve a clear milestone such as POC or MVP within the funding period.
  • Must demonstrate potential for significant impact on healthcare.


Application Process


Proposal Submission:

  • Submit a detailed project proposal including objectives, methodology, expected outcomes, and budget to Hadasit Business Development Department
  • Proposals are accepted during specific call periods announced by the program.

Review and Selection:

  • Proposals are reviewed by a panel of experts in relevant fields.
  • Selection criteria include scientific merit, feasibility, impact, intellectual property potential, and alignment with program goals.

Funding Agreement:

  • Successful applicants enter into a funding agreement outlining the terms, milestones, and reporting requirements.


Expected Outcomes


Advancement of Research:

  • Successful completion of POC or MVP, enabling further development or commercialization.

Increased Innovation:

  • Enhanced capacity for innovative research within Hadassah Medical Center.
  • Greater collaboration between academia, industry, and healthcare providers.

Improved Healthcare Solutions:

  • Development of new treatments, technologies, or methodologies that significantly improve patient care and outcomes.


Update: 2024 JumpStart Status


Application period for 2024 is closed. Winning projects have been announced.  Next funding round is expected in Q1 2025. 


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